There are multiple types of materials used in our products, everything from wood, wool, polymers, and plastics to metals. Each and every one of these is made using a variety of processes. We choose our materials carefully, not only how they are made but also how they function and how they can be recirculated once the product cannot be used anymore. 

For a better overview we have divided our content into four categories: Recycled or Natural, Recyclable or Biodegradable, Certified Content, and Other Initiatives. 

  • Recycled or Natural:
    These are materials that currently are made of natural non-finite materials such as wool, cotton, and Tencel; or materials that have been made from a recycled source like recycled polyester or recycled polyamide. 


    *Recyclable or Biodegradable:
    These materials are currently made from materials that can be recycled or biodegraded. It is really important to understand is that even if a given material in theory can be recycled or biodegraded, there are currently no standardized recycling or biodegrading systems for textile garments. But there are many steps and actions both you, as a user, and we, as a brand, can take before recycling. Please read more under the Responsibility section.

  • Certified Content: 
    In this category we list all the certifications that apply during production. 


    Other Initiatives: 
    Sometimes there are material suppliers that find new ways of making production better and smarter, like how to improve the dyeing process. Those kinds of initiatives are listed here.

The content breakdowns are presented under each product.

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