Norra has the vision of combining a burning passion for the outdoors with the burning passion for product design and development.

My name is Jacob von Matern and I started this journey a few years ago, back in 2016. I am currently runnig the business together with some helping hands and loads of support from friends and famliy.

We love being outdoors and we love good gear. The idea is to simply combine those two loves with the mission to create honest, uncomplicated and functional gear from carefully selected and responsible materials.

The concept rests on a few cornerstones:


Norra’s products will be built from scratch, we aim to invite users to be part of the process. If prospective users give insights early on in the process, when the products are to be developed, we can implement inputs and feedback right from the start, resulting in better products.


While the outdoors equipment industry approaches the fashion industry with its short-lived trends, Norra wants to go in another direction and create timeless products that endure. Norra’s products are designed to last for a long time, not only due to material selection and construction, they are also characterized by timeless design.


By focusing on quality in terms of sustainable materials, functionality and timeless design, Norra wants to give the consumer a contemporary and sustainable alternative to today’s offers. We will:
1) focus on making long lasting gear that doesn’t break, can be repaired and will look contemporary year after year.
2) always choose the most sustainable option possible.
3) continually improve products already in production as new more sustainable options become available.

Vindla Studios AB (tidigare Norra Outdoor AB)

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