Our idea is to build Norra and our products together with the user, together with you. We want you to be part of the process already from the beginning.One part of this process is product-testing and we would like to take the opportunity share the lovely people, stories and places that we get to know during this process.

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    Norra is the idea of combining a burning passion for the outdoors with the burning passion for product design and development.
    We love being outdoor and we love gear. The idea is to simply combine the two with the mission to create honest, uncomplicated and functional gear from carefully selected and sustainable materials.

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  • TLC.

    Our products are built to last, however they still need some tender, love and care.
    These are our best tips on how to take care of your Norra products.

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    Let us introduce the development pinboard. We are opening up our door to our studio and you will be able to, in a much more structured way, take part of the progress.

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